Notices: Privacy & Abuse Policies.
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Privacy & Abuse Policies.
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Privacy Policy.
We respect your privacy. Some of the information you give us whilst using this site will be stored in a database, but be assured that it will only be used to enhance the fun you're having here and on other XPT sites.

We comply with UK Data Protection laws, and we want to ensure that you have complete control over the data we store. XPT does not share your information with other companies unless you want us to. If you have any concerns about IT3C’s use of personal data, or its use on any other XPT projects, please feel free to email us at
Abuse Policy.
We are determined that IT3C be used only to spread goodwill. Every person who sends a gift using IT3C has to accept the following terms:

"... not use this system to annoy, harass or generally upset other people. Anything you say on your tag is your sole risk and liability. Neither XPT nor IT3C is responsible for any misuse or improper use of the IT3C service by you, and we will not be liable to you or to any third party for any IT3C transaction you generate and send. Safe delivery of IT3C gifts is also not guaranteed. This is the price you pay for a free service."

If you feel that these terms are not being adhered to, or you are receiving emails from our system that you find intrusive, distasteful or disturbing in any way, please let us know, by mailing us at We can then take action to prevent mail of this kind from reaching you.

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