Goodwill. Globally.
Step 1. Select a person.
Step 2. Select a gift set.
Step 2. Select a gift.
Step 4. Wrap & tag.
Step 5. Address.
Step 6. Confirm & despatch.
Testimonial caption
Testimonial caption
Status report: You have decided to send an IT3C gift to Tim Wright from World Domination.
Now you must select something to send. Pick from the six gifts in this set, or select another set.
Either: Personal gift sets.
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Personal (Starter) Set: World Domination
Created: 19-05-2000

A Deadly Virus A Nuclear Device An Underwater HQ
Please return if seal broken on delivery. This they can't ignore. It kinda goes with the lifestyle.

A Satellite Laser Curly Hair Two Stealth Bombers
The modern megalomaniac's weapon of choice. Do not let baldness be your undoing. Just in case we lose one on the way.
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REMEMBER: It is possible for two people to want the same thing: e.g. an item of clothing; a successful career; the love of a particular person; world peace etc.
Keep giving. Keep getting.